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. Born on April 4th, 1998


Ch. Jet Set des Perles Noires
RE Ch. Gylson de la Fureur du Crepuscule
Ares du Bois du Tot
Bettina du Parc
Re Emma des Perles Noires
Tiarko du Chemin des Dames
Cinna du Perigord Vert
Laila dell'Alta Via
s.r. Goal de Iamara
Dan de Iamara
Uddy de Iamara
Ch. R. Huelva
Kadour de la Quievre Chlux
Ekali dello Zolfo Nero


There are many words, but now I send greetings and thanks to all, 
Orma di Torre D'Arese

morta in novembre 2012
dead on 2012, November


Tribute to s.r. Orma di Torre d’Arese

Emanuele Boriero
November 9th,2012

Today the stunning female s.r. Orma di Torre d’Arese breeder and owner Torre d’Arese Kennel, passed away at 14, 5 years old. Orma was born on April 4th, 1998 in a litter composed by 5 males and 4 female


from It and Lux Ch.Jet Set des Perles Noires x Laila dell’Alta Via and especially the females were absolutely top quality with very good size, bone, straight muzzles of good volume and a lot of expression but unfortunately owners were not interested to show them.
Orma stay all her life in the kennel were she was born and after the beautiful French Champion Claire, gave the international worldwide reputation to “Torre d’Arese”. She was a very pretty female, one of the best of her generation, combining size and power, class and distinction. Her expression was exceptional due to very black eyes well set and to an head with a lot of structure with very good parallelism and volume.
Showed several times in high competition she obtained a super “palmares”
- 10 EXC at the French National 1999 at only 16 months in open class,
under Mrs W. Van Deijl and Mr Schaffner.
- RCAC at the French National 2000 on 57 females in open class ,under Mr Descamps.
- CAC CACIB and Best Female at the French Specialty in Albi 2000, under Mrs Berton Sarlat.
- CAC CACIB and Best of Breed at the Specialty in Sanremo 2001, under Mrs Van Deijl.
- CAC CACIB and Best of Breed at the Specialty in Sanremo 2002, under Mrs Barbè.
- CAC CACIB and Best Female at the Specialty in Lyon 2002, under Mrs Berton Sarlat.
- 3 EXC at the World Club Show in France 2002, under Mrs Barbè.
- 3 EXC at the French National 2002 , under Mrs Stern-Hanf.
Checking her pedigree we can found the top French /Belgians reproducers of the end of ’80 and ’90. Her father Jet Set was imported by me from kennel des Perles Noires and was the right combination of the classic “Chemin des Dames” via his mother Emma des Perles Noires (Tiarko du Chemin des Dames x Cinna du Perigord Vert) and the Bois du Tot lines via his father RE Ch Gylson de la Fureur du Crepuscule (RE Ch Ares du Bois du Tot x Bettina de Parc de l’Hay).
Her mother Laila dell’Alta Via was the choice of the litter from Goal de Iamara , the studmale of Torre d’Arese Kennel with Huelva (RE Ch Kadour de la Quievre x s.r. It Ch. Ekali dello Zolfo Nero).
Orma unfortunately had only two litters and even if her owners never were interested in Tervueren that time they took my suggestion breeding her with RE Ch Gourou du Crepuscule des Loups and it was a success:
- s.r. It Ch. Scudo di Torre d’Arese , internationally known with a very good career in Italy and France and used from many breeders in Europe.
- The stunning Sthendal di Torre d’Arese , probably the best one of the litter that had only one small litter at “du Bois du Tot”.
- The excellent Storm di Torre d’Arese.
- the stunning female Siena di Torre d’Arese, best of breed in Specialty for her only one show.
- The German Champion Stella di Torre d’Arese that reproduced for the german Kennel Vom Ziegelhau.
- The excellent Sugarbaby di Torre d’Arese.
- Selvaggia di Torre d’Arese exported to the USA.
For the second litter was breed to La Rosa Tatuata Oliver (RE Ch Gylson de la Fureur du Crepuscule x Fertas la Vision de l’Ange) producing:
- The beautiful Axel di Torre d’Arese showed few times and 1 EXC in open class at the Italian Specialty 2007 under Mrs Berton Sarlat.
- Armin di Torre d’Arese exported to Canada.
- Aranera di Torre d’Arese that she’s stilling producing in Torre d’Arese Kennel.
- Antaea di Torre d’Aresa exported to Germany.
Another breeding was repeat two times with Ch Picard Precio de Brunalines unfortunately without success.
Orma had a glorius international career and also a life full of attention and love from her owners, like every dog must have. 
Today when Orma joined the rainbow bridge a new litter was borning in Torre d’Arese from s.r. Estelle di Torre d’Arese and Giacomo Von Philipshoff .
Orma is the great grandmother of this new litter and well, I wish to Bruna and Enzo to find a new girl in this litter with the same attitude and charisma!






Orma e Ophely














- RCAC alla Nazionale di Allevamento Francese 2000/at the French National 2000

- CAC CACIB Speciale di/Special of : Albi F.

- Nazionale di Allevamento Francese 2002/French National 2002: 3a ECC

- Mondiale Pastori Belga Francia 2002/WORLD Belga French 2002: 3a ECC




Gourou du Crepuscule des Loups - Orma di Torre d'Arese

Oliver la Rosa Tatuata - Orma di Torre d'Arese



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